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Japanese GP 20165 - Race

by Cato Batista, 23/10/2016 4:20:16

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Nico has been fastest in every session and beat Lewis by 0.013s to take the pole. Kimi is third keeping his best form since re-signing his 2017 Ferrari contract. VET was next ahead of the Red Bulls of VER & RIC. The surprise of the day was to find both Haas in Q3 (first time ever) splitting the Force Indias and leaving both Williams out of the shoot-out.

In CFA results Lou score the perfect 1-2-3. Many 2-pointers followed but we had many 1 & 0 points also.

The grid (VET taking a 3-place penalty)


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Japanese GP 2016 - QF

by Cato Batista, 23/10/2016 4:19:14

Ladies no Gentlemen,

Nico has been quicker than Lewis in both Friday's sessions, but there's very little between the two. The surprise is to find Ferrari and Red Bull so close to them ...

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Malaysian GP 2016 - Race

by Cato Batista, 23/10/2016 4:13:30


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mercedes dominates as usual but this time is HAM the fastest of the two Championship contenders by a large 4-tenth margin. The new faster surface and particularly the modified off-camber corner 15 has been more than a challenge for everyone. Red Bull has been improving with every session and now is ahead of Ferrari, in fact VER was only 0.156 seconds slower than ROS with teammate RIC only 41 thousands behind in 4th place. Both Ferraris will start in the 3rd row 7th tenths away from HAMís pole time with Force India taking 4th row for PER & HUL. BUT has a McLaren in the top 10 again but ALO has 45 (!!) grid position penalties and didnít even bother trying a QF time. MASís Williams is 10th with the sister BOTís car being the best outside the shoot-out. Not only the 4 front rows are lookouts by the same car, most teams are lining up with their ...

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